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Hometown financial payday loan consolidation -Request a payday loan consolidation

With the proliferation of various types of credit, the problem arose – the over-indebtedness of households. These were accumulating various credits and, with the financial crisis, began to have serious difficulties in supporting their regular expenses plus those they had with their credits. Thus, consolidated credit emerged, a solution that allows all credits to be […]

Tips for your employees to use payroll loans prudently

  Payroll deductible credit is a great solution for those who need a quick cash. Payroll Loan It was created to make loan access easier for pensioners, retirees and, of course, your company employees. However, although it eliminates bureaucracy to a minimum and has much lower interest rates, it is still a loan and should […]

Errors most often made during consolidation. What should you avoid?

  Problem paying back payday loans taken too hastily? Many borrowers experience this. Especially that for several payday loans, people usually do not have adequate creditworthiness. The accumulation of liabilities and fear of the consequences of non-repayment means that such borrowers are eager to reach for consolidation loans. This is usually a rescue from trouble, […]

Demand for loans and a higher level of own contribution

Obligatory own contribution, contrary to the opinions of skeptics, should not bring a slump in the credit market. Insurance for the missing contribution and conscious saving will allow you to get a loan even in 2017. In June 2013, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority adopted the long-awaited Recommendation S. According to its provisions, each new […]

What is a debt loan with debt collection and what rights does the debtor have?

Debt recovery by a loan company or bank does not always involve litigation and bailiff enforcement. Earlier, attempts will be made to reach an agreement that will end the case amicably to the satisfaction of both parties. That is why debt collection is used. Having debts, it’s definitely worth knowing what the debt recovery procedure […]

Bank loan against pledge, apply for long-term bank loan, Latvian banks

Lending is firmly rooted in our lives and often helps us deal with relatively serious problems, such as covering medical or tuition costs. We can also use a bank loan to make an expensive purchase, in other words, in case of an urgent need, credit money can “patch holes” in your wallet. It is possible […]

Building a good history in the debtors register is definitely worth it

Applying for a loan also means in most cases being checked in the debtors’ registers. And while our registers present themselves rather as a scarecrow, they can also provide a good service – just applicants for any loan. A good previous repayment history can bring lower price of the requested loan. Therefore, people who have […]